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Adult Family Homes Central helps you search for and find Adult Family Homes (senior foster care homes) to meet your care needs, and providing you with the valuable information and resources to help you make the best choice for your care needs.

We connect families, seniors and discharge planners DIRECTLY to Adult Family Home Providers.

Looking for the right kind of Long-Term Care can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. When you know what to look for and have a roadmap, everything is easier.

Get intoduced to care homes available in your area and contact them directly, ask questions and arrange for your personal visit.

Why Use This Website?

The vast majority of senior care and housing websites act as "middle-men." They charge care providers substantial referral fees when bringing your business to those contracted care providers. And that is not always good for you, becasue the more you pay for care, the higher the referral comissions. 

We are NOT a Placement Service or Referral Agency, and do not collect referral fees from care providers, therefore, we're not swayed by financial gains or exclusive referral contracts -- this eliminates the moral and ethical conflict of interest which prevals in the "senior referral" industry.

Here Is What You Get

  • Learn how to tell if the Adult Family Home provides quality services
  • Know exactly which questions to ask to ensure your interest is preserved
  • Move forward from a smart, educated and well-informed position
  • Keep your search easy -- we focus exclusively on Adult Family Homes
  • Access education, videos, webinars and more about Elder Care
  • Use the most advanced search feature available anywhere to help you find the best match
  • Find and view in-depth and comprehensive Adult Family Home provider profiles

Basically, we cut through the noise to give you clear, no-nonsense insider information so you understand how the system works, what your options are, and what's in your best interest. We show you the best way to move forward from a smart, educated, and well informed position. We also give you helpful tools such as forms, lists of questions to ask, and how to monitor the care you receive in order to ensure safety and quality.